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•   John Schneider  5/10
•   Orlin Swanson (Swanson)  4/25
•   Dave Johnson  10/21
•   Harold Gershman  10/10
•   Lois Weaver (Kehoe)  10/5
•   Gary Olson  10/3
•   Bonnie Hed (Graham)  7/10
•   Cynthia Stefanson (Baumgardner)  6/3
•   Arbury Johnson  5/5
•   Bonita Machart (Stebbins)  2/26
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•   Karen Johnson (Mondry)  2022
•   Larry Grina  2020
•   Jack Dencker  2021
•   Dave Aarvig  2021
•   Norman Holmen  2021
•   Sandy Schwartz (Abbott)  2020
•   Norm Sage  2019
•   James McGuire  2020
•   Orrin Bergan  2020
•   Ardell Taylor  2020
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Central High School
Class Of 1961

Hi All!

We had a very successful 60th Class of 1961 reunion on the weekend of September 17-19, 2021!

Many returned - but many were missed! 

Our reunion was joined by the Central Class of 1960, because theirs, while scheduled, was postponed by this nasty Covid-19 virus.  Folks came from miles around - Dallas - Havasu - Florida and yes - even from Minnesota!  We golfed, we chatted, we ate, we talked, we listened to 50's & 60's music - Oh,  and did I say we had a banquet, too?  This year we were unable to tour the hallowed halls of Central but we all drove past the building and looked - somewhat longingly - for a short return to Rock Around the Clock, Don't be Cruel, Dream Lover and All I Have to do is Dream!  Sure there were a few walkers, a couple of canes, some oxygen and more than a few hearing aids - but we partied on!

Yes - good ole' GF has changed - and so have we - but it's still great seeing everyone and reminiscing about old times and relationships. There was even talk of a 65th!

Thanks to all who made the effort to return.  We hope everone continues to make the effort necessary to stay with us - and lets get planning the 65th!!!



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Grand Forks, North Dakota

Central High School

Class Of 1961

web site.

 If you are a member of the Class of 1961, Grand Forks Central High School, please sign in with your e-mail and a password.  On the top and the left side of the website are listed various pages for you to review.  Please take time to update your profile.  You can add a video (contact the administrator for instructions) or an updated picture of you and your family to your profile. You can also chat with your classmates; view other classmate profiles; review the missing classmates page; or review the "In Memory" section listing all deceased classmates.

Please review the "Missing Classmates" section and inform us if you know how to contact any of these folks.  Also review the "In Memory" section and let us know of any additions, deletions, or corrections to this list.  If you have further information concerning a deceased classmates, please send it to us.  We will post obituaries when we receive them. 

Any questions or suggestions, please e-mail the webmaster, Lance Twedt