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08/19/10 12:55 PM #4    


Lance Twedt

HI -




Lorraine Branvold Laliberte; Vivian Bruce Rydell; Mike McNamee; Judy Young McNamee; Carol Thompson Skavlem; Carol Dawes Dencker; Vicky Fordyce Bunker; Sandra Hadland Heffern; Arlene Helgeson; Lotty Nelson Englund; Meredith Olufson Dubuque; Marlys Olson Kjellberg; Mikie Hesse Teranes; Bonnie Blackmore Berg; Barry Beloff; Bunny Capouch Knopke; Helene Gerszewski Feltman;



08/22/10 10:35 PM #5    


Wayne Grantham

Of course, I'd like to be informed of the dates and location of the 50th reunion as soon as they're nailed down. I intend to travel up there if I possibly can.


Thanks for your assistance, Lance!



Wayne Grantham

09/08/10 01:34 PM #6    

Craig Folson

Craig Folson will assist in planning the 2011 50th Anniversary Central  HIgh School Class Reunion

09/26/10 10:34 AM #7    


Maxine Stenson (Campbell)


What a awesome web site.   I really appreciate all the work you have put into it, especially your choice of music which brings back a lot memories.  Looking forward to the reunion.

10/02/10 11:54 AM #8    


Ernie Mrachek

 I would even Host a Commitee meeting ,just Buy the Airplane tickets , I can put up 16 , 2 to a bed !

10/24/10 09:58 PM #9    


Sandra Bruns (Berry)

It's a great idea to get St. James class of '61 in on the festivities.  Would love to find out where some of them are now.  I probably know as many of them as I do Central's class of "61 as I went to St. Mary's & St. James for the freshman year before going to Central.  I'm really enjoying this web site--thanks to all involved.  Can't wait till next September.  See you all at the Hilton! 

11/11/10 08:51 AM #10    


Ernie Mrachek

 To All My Fellow Veterans , Happy Veterans Day and Thanks !

03/22/11 10:02 AM #11    


Vicki Fordyce (Bunker)

A great site Lance.  I would just like to encourage anyone with pictures of their elementary classes to send one or two to Mike McNamee  at 1513 Lewis Blvd., Grand Forks, ND 58203.  We would like to display them at the reunion.  Label them with your name and address, and we will return them to you.  We would like pictures from all elementary schools feeding into Central.

04/23/11 10:30 AM #12    


Lance Twedt


Recognize anyone?  I need help with the blanks - If you know who these people are, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

Row 1: Delbert Christianson, Vicki Gardner, Sandy Hadland, _____?, Bonnie Innes, Paul Magnuson, Lois Weaver, Roy Wentz, Richard Berg, Orlin Swanson, ____?, Merlin ?.

Row 2: George Brager?, John Adkins, Don Anderson, Merril Anderson, Gary(?) Jackson, Mike McNamee, James Austin, David Laird, ____?, Olivia Gorman, David Dietzler, Fred Bredemeier, Janet Siem, Gary Rustabakke.

Row 3: Loretta Capouch, Nancy Hearn, Marie Behm, Muriel Bostrom, Beth Caldwell, ____?, Barbara Robertson, Wayne Granthum, ____?, Steve Anderson, David Christopherson, ____?, ____?, ____?.

Row 4: Dora ?, Mary Ellen McNally, ____?, Jean Olson, ____?, ____?, ____?, Ronald Swanson, Guy Lang, ____?, Robert Jorgenson, Darrell Rude, ____?, ____?, Duane Schiller, ____?.

Row 5: Gerald Murphy, ____?, Jerry Nelson, Norman Holman, ____?, ____?, ____?, ____?, Ron Septon, Dennis Anderson, ____?, ____?, ____?, ____?, ____?, ____?, ____?, Mary Mazurek,

Row 6: ____?, Helene Gerszewski, Judy Hartford, Shirley Lee, ____? Vivian Bruce, Marjane Saville, ___?, Margie Walsh, ____?, Karen Jensen, ____?, ____?, Margo Rierson, ____?, ____?, Cary Foy.

Row 7: David Aarvig, Clarion Lien, Judy Ziegler, ____?, Meredith Olufson, Richard Solee, Shannon Berent, ____?, ____?, ____?, Ernie Mrachek, Dale Sorenson, Lance Twedt, David Munro, Murray Stein, Roy Pearson, ____?, Gary Olson, Gary Loss.

Row 8: ____?, ____?, ____?, ____? Dianne Dunlap, Verdell Skaags, Emerald Kleven, Judy Iverson, Enid Helgeson, Cheryl Anderson, ____?, Ronald Porter, Douglas Miller, ____?, Don Burwell, ____?, Ralph Thomas, James Bailey, Larry Belker, William Farren.

Row 9: Terry O'Neil, ____?, Linda Young, Ruth Ferguson, ____?, ____?, Lynn Larsen, Richard Rolland, ____?, ____?, Diane Ulvedahl, Mary Koppang, Sandra Brustad, R


04/23/11 01:38 PM #13    


Wayne Grantham

It's hard to recognize the kids in the 8th grade photo, but as a wild guess, I'd say the fourth one in the front row might be Marylin Wolla.

I'm also curious as to why Elizabeth Caldwell, pictured in the eighth grade photo, was not included in the list of Class of '61. I believe she might've graduated midterm, but she was in classes with me all the way back to third grade. Additionally, if anyone happens to know how to contact her, or anything of her whereabouts after high school, I'd appreciate knowing: I'd like to get in touch with her.


Wayne G

04/25/11 04:11 PM #14    

Michael McNamee

I think the girl next to David Laird might be Sandra Swartz

04/25/11 04:14 PM #15    

Michael McNamee

I think the girl next to Beth Caldwell is Darlene Larson

04/25/11 04:15 PM #16    

Michael McNamee

The fellow next to David Christopherson is Eugene Leeson

04/25/11 04:16 PM #17    

Michael McNamee

The girl next to Eugene Leeson is Barbara Haroldson I think.

04/27/11 01:47 PM #18    

Michael McNamee

The fellow next to Norman Holman is Eugene Fischer I think.

05/25/11 06:48 PM #19    


Ernie Mrachek

 Hank Heffern next to Dennis Anderson , maybe

08/02/11 04:57 PM #20    


Ronald Swanson

Greetings Classmates,

I have a couple of pictures I need help identifying people on.  One is from Roosevelt Annex which I thinkRoosevelt Annex SchoolRoosevelt School - 1952 was a two room school and was used to house overflow classes (one 1st grade and one 2nd grade class) from Roosevelt while Lewis and Clark was being built.   The second picture is from Roosevelt.

I am looking forward our 50th reunion.  50th??   Have we miscalculated this???

Thanks for your help,

Ron Swanson

08/06/11 07:26 AM #21    


Darlene Nelson (Graves)

Roosevelt School Picture 1952

Row 1:   Robert Bue, Charles Legg, Vernon Erickson, Jimmy Peterson,

Ardell Taylor, Roger Van Duyn and Ronald Swanson


Row 2:  Judy Swenson, Darlene Nelson, Dorthy Brayn, Judy Hartford, Karen Draxton,

Beverly Charron,Carolyn Borchardt and Carol Fish

Row 3:  Jon Anderson, David Schimke, Bonnie Machart, Linda Rolfson,

Roberta Paradise Jon Blevin,Rueben Neste, Ruth Brayn and Connie Werre.


09/19/14 05:49 PM #22    

Jean Hegg (Murdock)

Looking for Margie Walsh not her married name anyone know where she is so I write a textJean Murdock

06/19/15 01:42 PM #23    

Cheryl Joy Odegaard (Gilbertson)

55th Class Reunion - September  23 & 24, 2016

09/27/16 04:27 PM #24    

Vivian Bruce (Rydell)

Central Class of 1961!!

WOW!  What a great reunion last weekend!!!

I would LOVE to see all the photos everyone took last weekend... could you please email them?

Here's the address to send them to:



03/06/18 02:49 PM #25    

Arbury Johnson

To All: 

​I've been remiss in wishing everybody happy birthday throughout the year(s), so in an attempt to catch up and get ahead of the game so here it is, "Happy Birthday and have a great day/year".

​I'm still semi-retired and I go to work when called. It's not often so thats a good thing.

We bought a house over looking the Puget Sound and we are in the last stages of remoldeling. Saying in the  last stages is just a figure of speech. That goal post keeps movng. 

​If you care to know my political leanings just read the on line Granf Forks hearld comments. 

Take care everybody


02/17/21 01:34 PM #26    


Sandra Bruns (Berry)

Hi Lance,  Thank you so much for all you do with this great Class of '61 Forum.  As to the coming class reunion, I am really sincerely wanting to attend but, however, I am still on the fence because of our uncertain times.  If I do make it. I will probably make the plans closer to the reunion date when, hopefully, it will be safer to travel and mingle.  I have a feeling that we will be doning these masks for some time to come.  I hope not though!  Let's pray that things get back to "normal" by September.


02/18/21 04:11 PM #27    


L. N. "Lonnie" Hudson III

Hi Lance,

Thanks for keeping this site going! I lost track of it for several years. i reconnected when I came across an old "Red Cent" and renewed my subsciption. If this virus calms down, we will be there this year.

Lon "Lonnie" Hudson

03/14/21 08:01 PM #28    


Helene Gerszewski (Feltman)


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